Infographic : the blockchains of food

Blockchains has been a buzzword since the soaring of bitcoin and its growing media coverage in 2017. Some even see it as the new Internet revolution.

While the agri-food sector has had to deal with several health scandals in recent years (eggs contaminated with Fipronil in Europe, the case of contaminated milk at Lactalis in France …), what is the usefulness of blockchains in the food chain? What are the uses cases of blockchain in the food chain? Finally, what does the blockchain ecosystem look like in the food chain and what are the startups and players who have or are working on blockchain projects?

I made this infographic to take stock.

This infographic is also available in pdf format, send me an email and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

PS: if you have a blockchain project and would like to be added to this infographic do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

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